New Hampshire

Q:  Have you been ordered by the court to receive supervised visitation with your child/ren or to participate in monitored exchanges?

A:  If so:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment at the YWCA Supervised Visitation & Child Exchange Center at (603) 625-5785.
  2. Gather important documents.  When it applies, you will be required to provide the following documentation in order to participate in this program:
    1. Driver’s license or valid picture identification
    2. Vehicle registrations for all vehicles to be used while at the Center.
    3. Court documentation
    4. Visitation agreement (if not court ordered)
    5. Restraining order
    6. Bail conditions
    7. Divorce decree
    8. $25 non-refundable fee for NH Criminal Background Check

Due to limited appointment space, we ask that you make every effort to arrive on time for your orientation meeting.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be rescheduled. 

The amount of time between the receipt of your referral/court-order and the first visit will vary, as the program is limited in the number of families that can be served at one time.  Please note that an orientation meeting does not guarantee acceptance as a participant with the YWCA Supervised Visitation & Child Exchange Center.


The YWCA Supervised Visitation & Child Exchange Center is located at 72 Concord St., Manchester, NH 03101.


The Center offers an alternative to unsupervised visits and exchanges by providing an emotionally and physically safe environment where children may visit with their non-residential parent.  The Center was created to help families that have experienced domestic violence and have difficulty interacting in a non-threatening, appropriate manner.  In order to participate in visitation, both participants must agree to abide by the policies of the Center.

In order to provide services as quickly as possible, the Center asks that the referring agency provide information explaining the frequency of visitation, the type of service requested, and who is financially responsible.  The Center will make every effort to work with both parties, but the day and time of the visit is subject to the Center’s schedule. 

 Possible reasons for using the Center:

  • History of domestic violence and/or stalking
  • Abduction concerns
  • Substance abuse history

Visitation Services are not:

  • Counseling or therapeutic sessions
  • Venting sessions
  • Mediation
  • Legal advice
  • Investigative
  • Time to create a parenting plan
  • Parent education
  • Custodial or residential evaluation

Our Center will not give opinions or recommendations to the court or any party concerning parental rights, qualifications or the quality of a visit. Our goal is to remain neutral with all people who use the center.

Services offered:

  • Fully Supervised Visits:  Visits are held at the Center and always have a Visitation Supervisor watching and listening during the entire visit.  The Supervisor writes observations and offers assistance if needed to ensure appropriate participant/child interactions.
  • Semi-Supervised Visits:  Visits are held at the Center where the Visitation Supervisor periodically monitors the visit, documents observations, and offers assistance as needed to ensure appropriate participant/child interactions.
  • Monitored Exchanges:  Visits are not held at the Center.  The residential participant brings the child to the Center where the visiting participant picks up the child and returns him/her to the Center at the specified time.  The exchange is facilitated by a Visitation Supervisor.  Only the date and time of exchanges are documented, unless there is an incident where someone violates a policy or procedure.

Please be advised our center is open by appointment only.

We cannot accept walk in clients. You must call the Visitation Center at

(603)625-5785 to speak with a staff member or to schedule an appointment.