New Hampshire



The YWCA New Hampshire has been providing services to meet the needs of women, children and families in the Manchester area since 1920. 

The international mission of the YWCA is to eliminate racism and to empower women in order to attain the common vision of:  peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.  This mission is met locally through the delivery of social service programs as well as programs that enrich the general community. 

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Youth and Community Services

The YWCA NH believes that prevention needs to take place within the family system and address families from a position of strength; therefore, whenever possible, the YWCA seeks to work with children/youth and their parents. The majority of our programs are primary prevention, open to all parents and caregivers; some are also secondary prevention, meaning that the family and children are already considered to be “at risk” given a specific set of circumstances: poverty, single parents, one or more parent is incarcerated, are just a few examples.

The YWCA offers Youth and Teen programming to both girls and boys on making healthy decisions and working to prevent high risk behaviors, as well as developing leadership skills.

Our collaboration with Child and Family Services, UNH Cooperative Extension, and UNH Manchester, The Family Education Collaborative, offers parenting education and support programs to all involved in raising children.  In addition, we are a training site for parent educators and service provider from across the state. The Collaborative came in to existence in 2007 to meet the community need of providing parent education and support programs. Prior to that, Manchester was one of the only areas in the state not to have a Family Resource Center.

Victim Services

YWCA Victim Services encompasses two specific programs: the YWCA Crisis Service and the YWCA Supervised Visitation and Child Exchange Center (Visitation Center).  The YWCA Crisis Service has been providing advocacy and support services to victims of domestic and sexual violence since 1977.  The YWCA Visitation Center has been providing safe parent-child access in cases of domestic violence, stalking and risks of abudction since 2004 in the Manchester area.

Support services of the YWCA Crisis Service include emotional support, safety planning and community referrals within the context of criminal and civil court advocacy, hospital and police department accompaniment, emergency shelter, 24 hour crisis line, support groups and civil legal referrals.  Emily’s Place, our emergency shelter, provides additional services of case management, life-skills, parenting education, and financial literacy with residents.  Emily’s Place provides immediate safety to victims of domestic violence and their children; it also empowers them to regain control over their lives, working towards self-sufficiency.

The YWCA Visitation Center facilitates safe and consistent visitation for children and their non-residential parent during the most volatile time of a family’s separation.  Since the Center serves a population of people having a history of domestic violence or stalking, eliminating contact between parents during services is essential to assure the Center’s primary goal of safety.  Services at the Center include fully and semi-supervised visits, which are appropriate when there is a risk of physical or psychological abuse toward the child by the non-residential parent, and when there are credible risks of abduction.  Additionally, the Center offers supervised child exchanges in cases where there is a risk of violence to the residential parent by the non-residential parent.  These services improve victim safety and interrupt the cycle of violence in participating families.