Camp Hope

Camp HOPE and Pathways Mentoring is YWCA NH’s newest program! YWCA NH has partnered with Camp HOPE America and HAVEN, to bring this program to New Hampshire families. Camp HOPE is the first evidence-based camping and mentoring program to focus on youth impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and trauma.

The mission of Camp HOPE is to help children who have been exposed to trauma find pathways to HOPE and healing.

Participant Requirements

To be eligible a child must be/have been…

      • Impacted by domestic violence/sexual assault trauma, but not in immediate crisis
      • Currently receiving supportive services (therapist, counseling, etc.)
      • Able to reasonably self-regulate emotions
      • Not acting out physically
      • Living or residing in the Greater Manchester, NH area
      • Aged 7-11


empowerHER 2022

Tara – Camp HOPE America Counselor

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Refer an eligible child (see Participant Requirements above)

  • To refer a child as the parent/caregiver fill out this form.
  • To refer a child as a professional community partner (i.e. doctor, guidance counselor, therapist, etc.) fill out this form.

Completed forms can be returned to YWCA NH in person or emailed to


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For more information or questions, reach out to us at or (603) 625-5785.

YWCA NH is bringing Camp HOPE New Hampshire to our community in partnership with HAVEN NH. You can find more information about their work here – Camp Hope Pathways