Amiko Youth Program

Our Story

The Amiko Youth Program is happy to welcome your family to our center! We are here to support your children with homework, making friends, learning English, having fun and growing into empowered young people. Your children will learn and work together with students from many different countries in an environment where all cultures are shared and celebrated.

The Amiko Youth Program is open to all children ages 6-18. We specialize in offering after school and vacation programs to children who are newly arrived to the United States, or first generation American (born in the United States to immigrant/refugee parents).

For more information or questions contact Courtney Perron, Director. 603-545-4041,

Program Details

All of our programs are free. We ask in return that you participate in your child’s experience as much as possible. We host monthly family dinner nights and welcome parents to join us for special events in the community. We also ask that you keep open communication with us, keeping us updated about any address changes, school change or medical issues. All of your information is kept confidential.

Because we want to know as much as possible about our children and their families, we always do a home visit when welcoming a new child to the Center. Parents are always welcome to visit our space by appointment before registering their child for our program.

After School Program

We follow the Manchester School District schedule. We offer educational and soccer programs for different age groups Mondays through Thursdays from 4PM-7PM. All children ages 6-18 are welcome to our after-school programs, but registration is required. See below for our program schedule.


School Vacation Program

We offer special programming and events for the school vacation weeks and the summer months. We emphasize field trips, and new and exciting experiences during vacation weeks.


Our Center

The Center for New Americans is located inside the historic YWCA NH building at 72 Concord St. in Manchester, NH. Our space includes a gymnasium, a commercial kitchen, a community room, and four classrooms. Safety in our space is our number one priority. The building entrance is locked in the evenings, and individuals are greeted at the front desk. Additionally, the staff of the Amiko Youth Program are CPR certified.



If you child requires transportation, The Amiko Van will pick your child up at home before programming and drop them off at home right after.


Healthy Food

We prepare a healthy and culturally appropriate after-school snack and dinner every day. During the vacation programs, we provide a healthy lunch and snack every day. Children are provided with their own water bottles.


Our Team

The Amiko Youth Program Team


Courtney Perron

Courtney is the Director of the SNHU Center for New Americans. She is passionate about creating accessible educational opportunities for all people, especially our newest neighbors here in Manchester. She is a social worker and has a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Lidia Yen

Lidia Aloyo is our Program Coordinator. She has experience in community building and advocacy, with a focus on youth and young adults. Lidia is passionate about fostering greater equity within her community for young people.

Kioni Ngoy

Kioni is our Student and Family Engagement Specialist. Kioni is always working hard to make a difference in people’s lives.

Jaime Pendleton

Jaime is our Youth Program Manager. She is a life-long learner, educator and lover of soccer.

Tujiza Uwituze

Tujiza Uwituze is a Graduate Assistant at the Center for New Americans. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in International Business at Southern New Hampshire University and works to coordinate meal activities for the Amiko Youth Program. She is trained in tertiary teaching and has work experience in project management.


Ezra Twahirwa

Amiko Program Support




Amiko Youth In Action: Capturing Moments of Growth and Learning


Registration & Waiver Forms

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Our Partners

We work with local community partners to offer specialized and unique programs to our Amikos. These partners include:



Contact Us

For more information or questions contact:

Courtney Perron, Director. 603-545-4041,