Go back to where you’re from

I was driving home one day and was on a different planet at that moment and completely blow through a stop sign. Anyone would get mad at the person who blows through a stop sign, however, this person was so angry and full of rage that he followed me to the parking lot outside my house. I got out of my car and he rushed towards me yelling, swearing, and screaming at me, telling me to go back to Africa (there is nothing indicating I am from Africa). Mind you, I’m a 17-year-old black girl, and this white guy is twice my size, and I swear he was going to start swinging. I was so scared that he was going to hurt me that I started to cry. He threatened to call the police and make sure I get in trouble for not stopping at the stop sign. I wasn’t afraid of him calling the police because I understood that I should have stopped but his reaction was so extreme that I was afraid to go back outside in fear of seeing him again. Funny thing is that I haven’t seen him since.