School Play

I came in the USA when my daughter was four years old and she only spoke my mother language and Swahili, so when she joined school she had a very rough time communicating with other children and making friends became hard and most of the time she was lonely. So it happened that their class was to perform a play at end of the school year and the play was about animals in the Jungle. My daughter was very excited about the whole thing and she chose to be a cheetah. So, I made the costume that she would’ve worn but when my daughter took the costume to school the teacher had a different idea about the kind of animal she should be in the play – A MONKEY. With big ears and everything. The teacher said her complexion would be perfect for it. You have no idea how I felt when she came home and she told what happened at school. Being a new mum in America, standing up for my daughter was the only thing on my mind. This episode was not the first or last to happen to my daughter. Racism is rampant in this country and it makes me so sad for my kids and kids of other minorities.